MIA Online Mobile Wiki

The auction house is a great place to buy and sell equipment between players in MIA Online. You will be able to choose the best gear for your character in the auction house. You can also sell your extra items or gears that you don’t have use.


To access the Auction House in the game you have to TAP the UI in the upper right corner of your screen. The auction house interface will appear and you will be able to view various columns and item categories.


Once you’re in the auction house, you may choose and filter any equipment that you want based on the category that you set. Once you have filtered everything that you want to see, the system will display the items that you filtered.

The monetary transaction in the auction house is Diamonds.


If you want to sell an item, all you have to do is to click the SELL function. You can see the items that can be sold in the right corner of your screen. You can set the price of your item based on the system’s price, either you set the price lower or equally to the system price. Apart from that you will be able to assign the selling period of your item. If the item that you’re selling expires in the auction house, the item will be returned to you via Mail. Every item that you sell in the auction house has a cost of 100 Gold Coins as placement fee.

You will receive the item that you bought and the diamonds from the items you sold can be retrieved in in your mailbox.