MIA Online Mobile Wiki

MIA Online is focused on PvP contents such as Nation War and 3v3 Battlefield. The question is, are you able to survive in the world where only strong players survive? Here are some tips specially made for starters.

  1. Character Movement and Auto-Path (Automatic Pathfinder)

    The player can move around by turning the virtual joystick. The character will move depends on the movement of the virtual joystick. In addition, the players can automatically find their way to the place by opening the map and tapping the desired location in the map.



    Convenient isn’t it? However, although it is an automated pathfinder, you should be careful on the road because other players may come and ambush you since PK is enabled in most of the area in MIA Online.

  2. Item Operation

    Tap your “Bag” button on the main UI to open your Inventory. The items inside can be carried out according to the functions: Sell Equip, etc.

  3. Talk to NPC

    Every NPC in MIA has an interaction system which gives every NPC some dialogs whenever a player clicks on them. These NPCs can give the players tasks/quests and other purposes.

    Most of the NPC also has unique voice overs.

    Alright! That is all for the introduction for the basic operation phase. We will see you next time.