MIA Online Mobile Wiki


MIA Online is a national warfare MMORPG with a various character classes for the players to choose from.

We will introduce to you one of the major classes: Berserker

Berserker class specializes in melee combat, area of effect attacks and luring. In other words, berserker is a massive damager type of class which will help your party to wipeout the enemies as fast as possible.

This class offers four different skills with different damage output and effects. Here are the list of berserker’s skills.


1. Brutal Hit – Attacks a single target in front, (dealing additional 403% + 809 fire element on hit damage.)


2. Charge – First part: Charge towards target location, dealing the first enemy with 100% + 160 additional fire element on hit damage and roots enemy by 2 seconds.


3. Whirlwind – Spins giant axe in a circular motion, attacking enemy targets surrounding you. Dealing 384% + 887 additional fire element on hit damage.


4. Ares Possession – Summons a dwarf spirit that deals damage along with a self healing, defensive buffs.

In these four skills, we can determine the area of effect damage input which Berserkers can deal to the enemies. If you are into characters with high scaling damage and area of effect damage, then you may choose berserker as your main character.

Furthermore, Berserkers also have passive skills unlockable at certain levels, it is on your own choice to choose the passive skill builds you want to strengthen and enhance your character’s stats and abilities.