MIA Online Mobile Wiki

It is important to get stronger in MIA Online. Make a great progress in the early stages of the game will give you an edge to progress faster and unlock a wide variety of features.

How to do a quick improvement for your character in the game? Due to numerous possible ways these quest activities are divided into two~ Due to many possible ways these quest activities were divided into two.

  1. Main Quest

    Main quest is definitely the fastest way to progress whether in leveling up or increasing your combat power (CP).

    The main quest contains the main storyline of the game wherein you will know the origin of the game.

    You will be able to experience how vast the world of MIA online by doing the main storyline quest. Every time you accomplish a main quest you will receive a lot of rewards.

  2. Side Quest

    MIA online provides tons of side quests that will help the players progress in the game. With these side quests you will be able to grind more objectively and receive exclusive rewards.

    To make this game less “grindy” these quests are actually daily quests that you can actually retake the next day.

  3. Moonlight Observatory

    One of the daily events with EXP reward is the Moonlight Observatory; an instance-based dungeon that provides a lot of EXP upon completion.


    The Moonlight Observatory is one of the daily events that give a lot of EXP.

    Once your character arrives in the Moonlight Observatory your objective is to clear 10 waves of monsters and each wave of monster can reward a player with a lot of EXP.

  4. Sky Ladder

    The Sky Ladder challenge is one of the PVP modes in MIA online where EXP can be rewarded. This event is a 1v1 PVP challenge where you can fight other players 10 times per day in exchange of EXP, Gold coins, treasure chest and increase in rank.

  5. Guild Quest

    Once the player reaches level 30, the event for Guild Quest will be unlocked. Players can do these quests 10 times per day. Each quest can give the player a lot of EXP, gold coins and tribute rewards. Most of these quests are very simple that players don’t even have to worry about not being able to finish it. Remember that, you must join a guild first before you can participate in this event.