Floating Island Adventures

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The floating island is one of the daily events in MIA Online. This will give you a lot of EXP in the overall ranking in the game. This event is one of the most competitive and fun feature of the game. In this event you have to fight undead monsters together with your team on the floating island. So what are you waiting for? Gear up for an adventure! Call your friends and fly to the floating island!

Event Schedule: Once a day

Level requirement: 42

Number of participations: One for each of the four races

Event rewards: massive experience & overall ranking

  1. Open the event UI. Open the [Floating Island] and tap [Go to Starry Ruins] to participate in the event.

    Floating island 1.jpg

    Floating island 2.jpg
  2. Players have to use a flying mount in order to move around in any area of the event map. Use the Flying Mount to fly island by island. Talk to any NPC on any designated place in the map to start the quest.​​​​​​

    Floating island 3.jpg
  3. Defeating the Wrath Guard will refresh the overall ranking for each race.

    Note: The Wrath Guard is very powerful. Players must gather a team in order to defeat the Undead Knight.

    Floating island 4.jpg
  4. Go to a certain part of the map to meet an “Undead Pioneer”. You will be able to perform a certain race-specific mission by killing it.

    Floating island 5.png

Please be reminded that the floating island resets regularly in certain intervals in order to refresh the spawn rate of the undead monsters. The territories of this island will also reset in order to re-occupy again.

You will be able to gain access to a “race-specific mission” daily that gives you a lot of EXP and Racial prestige points.

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