MIA Online Mobile Wiki

When players reach level 30, another event will be available for play and it is accessible in the event interface.

[Event UI]

Simply open the event UI and you will be able to access the “Fog Mine” located at the lower right side of your screen.


[Events & Rewards]

Game Mechanics:

  1. This activity has a time-limit of 5 minutes. Your character must mine as many ores as you can during the event period.

  2. Once you are inside the dungeon, you are able to summon 3 Miners that can help you mine. You can summon the miners using special buttons at the lower right of your screen. Once the miners are summoned, they will attack the nearest ore.

  3. There are 5 different types of ores in this dungeon. Every time you mine an ore you will gain points depending on the ore that you mined. Once the event ends, you will receive a reward based on your points you have gathered.

  4. Each Miner has their specialization in mining specific ores so you better assign a miner based on your priority.


You will be able to see the rewards that you can possibly gain every time you earn a point. You will also receive 24 Start points and 1 10th Fog Bins when you reach 1000 points.

[Mining Dungeon]


Summon your miners as soon as you entered the dungeon!

Always remember that you will gain different points depending on the ores you mine.

It is wise to assign high–ranked miners to excavate high-ranked ores.