MIA Online Mobile Wiki

Long time ago, there’s a ring called “God’s ring” forged by the gods of MIA Online, this is an important artifact that can defeat the power of the evil demon Mir.

God Rings will greatly increase the character’s capabilities once equipped. There is a wide variety of God Rings that can be equipped and each of them possess a unique attributes and skills.


[Conditions to Unlock God Rings]

Each God Ring has different conditions that must be met. When a player meets the Ring’s condition it will be unlocked and will be ready for use.


[God Ring Type]

The God’s ring is divided into two categories namely the “Dwarven Ring” and “Human Ring”. The Dwarven rings have a total of seven rings, and the Human Rings have a total of nine rings.


The Dwarven Rings can give the player additional active skills, while the Human Rings provides passive skills. Active skills can be used in combat and it can be used one at a time. Remember to choose the right ring before embarking in to battle.

[God’s Ring effect]

God’s ring will provide you some bonus in your attributes and every attributes from the rings can be stacked. From the picture below, we can see that each ring has special skills. For example, the skills of the dwarves are active skills and these are annihilation, transformation, reduction, etc. There is no class restriction for the God’s Ring, you can use them whatever your class and you can choose one of the Rings throughout your battle.

The player may participate in the Trial Tower to gain the enhancing materials for the rings. You can easily sweep or auto-complete the trial tower from the start until the last floor you’ve reached. It is important to do this event every day.


There are a lot of possibilities in this event and the best way to explore and learn about it is to experience it.