MIA Online Mobile Wiki

Establishing a guild means giving yourself access to different Guild Activities. Most of them are accessible or opened by the respective Guild Leader. One exciting Guild Event is the Leader.

The “Guild Leader” can be accessed 2 ways; first you can access it in the main event UI as long as you are a member of a Guild; the second way to access the Guild Boss is by the main guild UI, under Daily events.



The Guild leader can upgrade the Guild Boss using Guild activity points. Upgrading a Guild Boss will increase gained rewards every time that the guild boss is successfully defeated. Remember that upgrading the Guild Boss will increase its difficulty.



All you have to do is to open the UI and tap [Queue] to join the battle.


Once you arrive in the Guild Boss area. All you have to do is to tap the quest button and it will lead you to the Guild Boss area.


Keep in mind that the Guild Boss is really strong. You will need extreme coordination and good team work in order to defeat the Boss.

You will receive huge amount of experience points and rare items/materials upon completion of the guild boss stage.