MIA Online Mobile Wiki

This is one of the main core features of MIA, Guild is considered as one of the most important social systems in this game since it is one of the main functions of the game wherein players will be able to communicate with one another and bond together in one guild. We will show you how guild interface works.

Guild will be unlocked when you reach level 25 but before you can create a guild your VIP must be on Level 3.


To join a guild, you will have to choose an existing guild or create your own guild to start with.


Once you have successfully created or joined a guild, the guild descriptions and primary functions of the guild section will show up.




All the basic information and functions are already there, but with regards to guild buildings, they are only accessible by the guild master which he/she can upgrade some of the buildings to a certain level to maximize the capacity of donations, reduces consumption in malls, forging fee, sculpturing fees, etc.