MIA Online Mobile Wiki

Guild Trade is a daily event where you help your guild mates with their advance union quests by donating required materials they needed. This feature will be unlocked at level 40.

Tap the scroll to access this event.

Drop down menu; look for [Guild Trade] Tap to open


There are 6 items that you have to collect for this event. If you have these items tap [Submit] to complete the quest. After the submission tap the [Claim] button to receive the reward.


If you are having a hard time collecting a specific item from the quest, you can ask help from your fellow guild members; simply tap [Help] on the right side of your screen so that your guild mates will be able to donate that item for you. The players who helped you will also get a reward too. Keep in mind that there is a limit to the number of times a guild mate can help you. You can only ask for help up to 2 times maximum.


You can participate in the Guild Trade 6 times a day..