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Maze of Gems is a daily event available once per day. This event is focused on producing Gems and Gold Coins. For every citizens of MIA, this is considered as paradise for farming Gems and Gold Coins. Do not miss this chance every day.

[Activity UI]

In the event UI, it is easy to find the Maze of Gems event.



Once the event begins you will be teleported into a place where gold coins, gems and crystals are scattered in the chamber. Your character will transform into a goblin thief with the ability to loot everything in the chamber. The Goblin is equipped with 4 special skills that can help you loot faster.

Please take note that you can use of the “Auto” function which can save you some time stealing everything in the chamber.


You will get random gems upon completion of Maze of gems. Please note that Maze of Gems can only be accessed once a day.