MIA Online Mobile Wiki

The Moonlight Observatory is one of the core features of the game. This event is open every day and this event can be cleared twice. This event can reward players with massive amounts of EXP but this event requires a lot of play time.


The Moonlight Observatory has an activation time of 30 seconds; you can clear this event twice a day. After the completion, you can receive a massive amount of EXP. Having a high VIP won’t increase the number of attempts for this event, but having a higher VIP level can increase the EXP gain.


Open the Event UI, Tap on the moonlight observatory, and the system will teleport you to the event area. You need to clear 10 waves of monsters to progress. The 5th and 10th monster wave are usually the bosses. Every time you kill a monster, you gain a lot of experience.


The Event will be completed once you successfully cleared 10 waves of monsters. You can clear this event twice a day.


Remember that the experience that you will get from the Moonlight Observatory varies with the player’s VIP level. To put it simply, when you finish all the daily quests and you decided to do the Moonlight observatory, the experience gain is theoretically the highest for VIP 8 and VIP 12 players. They are also guaranteed to get important buffs to improve the experience gain from the Moonlight Observatory.