Mount Skills

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Mount skill is one of the special features in the mount system which gives mounts an ability to strengthen their attributes for their skills.


Players can forge equipment for the mount to enhance your character's attributes.

A player who reaches level 38 can unlock the mount skill


1. The mount skill book is divided into three levels: primary, intermediate and advanced. The higher the skill book, the higher the attribute and combat power;

2. The mount skills have 6 skill slots to activate. The first skill book will occupy the first skill slot once a skill book is activated.

3. In case that the process is unsuccessful, and the 6 positions are not all activated, one new position will be activated or one of the activated skills will be replaced.

4. When a skill book activated a same skill in the same skill slot the skill will increase its level. Players can also replace an activated skill by using a skill book.

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