MIA Online Mobile Wiki

There are a various races and classes in MIA and each of them has a unique specialization. Now let me introduce you to our magical friend; The “Mystic” is a human who specialized in manipulating Ice magic and has proficiency in “Cryromancery”. They are known by their ability to deliver devastating AoE ice magic.


Mystic is classified as a damage dealer, especially when in parties, by using their 4 active skills.

  1. Ice vortex: Continuously shoots a large number of Frost bolts on target enemies.

2. Icicle Sword: An AOE skill that summons a very cold icicle that hits the enemies who are surrounding nearby.


3. Frost Brand: This skill features 2 series of attacks.

  • The first use of this skill unleashes a ring of ice and hits nearby opponents. It has 40% chance to freeze a target for 3 seconds.
  • The second use of this skill attacks a target enemy around the caster and at the same time creates an ice shield that protects you from any damages; the shield amount is 8% of your HP.

4. Doomsday Storm: The Mystic summons meteorites made from ice that hits enemies with an AOE damage.


We can say that a Mystic is good at long-range AOE DPS and control class. It has a lot of skills that can mean bad news for their enemies in combat.

If you’re into unleashing a visually devastating attacks, then Mystic is a class for you to play.


In addition Mystics have a wide range of passive skills which you can unlock if you progress further in the game.