MIA Online Mobile Wiki

MIA is made of 4 Nations and it is inevitable that a war may occur anytime due to their differences of beliefs. As a citizen of a Nation, it is crucial for you to defend your Home Nation against the enemies.


The nation war will be unlocked when you reach level 37. This event is open every day at 11:30 to 13:00.

All you have to do is open the event UI and you will see this event on the right side of your screen.


Upon participating in this event you will be teleported into a place where the war is taking place. Your job is to defend the nation or execute an all-out attack against the other nation.

This event takes place in a PK area that’s why it is important to participate in this event with a Guild or team. It is recommended to have a plan and make sure to have a strategy to survive. Other Guilds and Nation Leaders must participate in this wide-scale battlefield.



The rewards from Nation War are divided into several Guilds and some extra rewards can be obtained by completing series of quests. Though it is not really necessary to complete the entire quests available but it is recommended to complete the quests to get more rewards. You just have to clear as many quests as you can until the 30 minute timer runs out.