MIA Online Mobile Wiki

MIA Online has several events that can be done every day. This daily event can give you item rewards and EXP. Today I will introduce the Nazog Treasure Hunting event. This event can give you a lot of gold coins.


This event will unlock once you reach level 32. This event is available throughout the day. Tap the event UI on the top right corner of the screen to see the available events. Remember that this event can only be completed once so don’t waste the chance to finish this event.


This dungeon has 2 phases. The first phase is opening a treasure chest, and the second phase is to hitting the gold coin leader until it dies. Every time that the Gold Coin Leader is taking damage it will drop Gold Coins until it dies.

This dungeon has a time limit of 5 mins per stages, you must finish it before the time limit hits up, or else it will end there eventually.

The reward from this dungeon is numerous so don’t waste your chance to collect extra gold coins. You will not be able to retry if you intentionally leave while you are inside the dungeon unless you encountered a network issue and got disconnected.