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When your character reaches level 30, the side quests will be unlocked; “Hunting” , “Guild”, “Exploration”, “Intelligence”, “Mural Painting” and “Moonlight Observatory”.

The following event resets every day and it is recommended to take advantage of these quests because these quests are giving a lot of rewards.

Reward Hunting:

Ordinary Reward (Green): 98000 EXP

Blue Reward (Blue): 140000 EXP

Ordinary Reward (Purple): 210000 EXP + Dwarf Ring

Random Reward (Purple): 210000 EXP + 2 Dwarf Rings

Lord’s Reward (Orange): 210000 EXP + Dwarf Ring

You can do the green quests 5 times, purple quests 3 times and orange quests 5 times. You may use diamonds to refresh your quests.

Exploring Intelligence and picking murals are the quest that can be done together due to its similiary in quest zone. Take note that when you are performing these quests, you are prone by other player’s attacks, which means you can be killed along your way of progress.

These quests can be done twice per day. Massive amount of EXP will be rewarded once these quests are completed.

Note: A special icon will appear over your head once you cleared this quest.

Moonlight Observatory: This daily event can be done twice per day and the main objective of this event is to clear 10 waves of monsters to gain EXP as reward. This event is recommended to be done every day since this event is one of the EXP rewarding events among the others.



[Upgrade to boost your Combat Power]

In this guide, you should upgrade the level of your equipment, refinement of jewels, skill upgrades (active skills and passive skills), mount level, promotional title, ring enhancement and Soul Card collection.


[Importance of Guild]

Choose an active guild when you are looking for a guild to join to experience a great community in the game. Guild contributions are used to redeem items such as gems to boost your character’s combat power.


As your character’s level increases you will unlock more features and adventures in the game. So don’t miss it.