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Things you need to know about Orc Siege

Time slot : Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30 PM - 10:10 PM

It’s a system event where the participation of the whole nation is a must. Defend your City and protect the King  from the invading orcs and be rewarded. The event happens simultaneously in every Nation.


【1】The Orcs will attack the town for a total of 6 waves. The first wave will happen right after the event starts, after that they will launch a new wave for every 5 minutes. Please be reminded that they keep on getting stronger as the wave goes on.

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You will experience wave attacks from 3 lanes/direction left,middle and right .

There will be an Ally NPC in each direction to defend your city.

  1. West Gate Admiral and General
  2. Middle Gate Admiral and General
  3. East Gate Admiral and General
  4. King

【2】Every lane attacker group consists of a normal orc,bomber and a leader,The bomber will detonate when it’s HP is less than 20% Within 10 seconds It has a chance to kill all the target in the area and it will produces a huge damage to your ally NPC

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【3】Once they start attacking the town, There will be a group of orcs who will spawn at the location of the 3 Front Admirals every 2 minutes[-].

In the event that the Front Admirals dies, the mobs will spawn in front of the Generals inside the town instead.

  • 1 incoming mobs will appear every 2 minutes . Again the incoming mobs will stop when the general dies.
  • During the 2nd, 4th and 6th wave of attack there will be one incoming mob group that will spawn at the location of the King.
  • So it’s better to have someone assigned to protect the King’s and the ally NPC at the same time.

Please be reminded that they are very strong so you have to be careful.

【4】You will earn Nation will earn 1 point for killing every assault mob. A normal mob, bomber will give your Nation 5 points, For every leader you kill you will earn 100 points. However if your Admirals dies your Nation points will be reduced by 150, For every Generals death points will be reduced by 300.

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In the event that your King dies, the Nation points will be reduced by 1000 points. That means you have failed to defend the town and this will also marks as the end of the event

There is an individual ranking on each wave depending on the damage that you cause while killing an enemy. It allows you to receive various rewards.