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There are a various races and classes in MIA and every one of them has its own part in a team. Now let me introduce you to the most durable of them all. The “Paladin” from the human race, with their main attribute being strength, they are tougher than a rock and reliable line of defense in MIA.



The Paladin class is good in survival, controls high reflect damage with its impenetrable defense. This class has 4 awesome skills to look forward to:

  • Sinful Trial: Able to attack 3 targets at a time.
  • Swing hit: 1st throws the shield to attack the target; 2nd charges and attack a single target.
  • Shield of Justice: Increase the reflect damage from enemy.
  • Holy Arbitration: Leaping and stomping through the target and inflicts stun for 1 second, then it will wield the weapon forward to create a powerful blow.

With these 4 skills we can determine that the Paladin has high survival and reflecting damage. If you are into a character that has the ability to tank, you can choose the Paladin.


Furthermore, The Paladin also has great passive skills; however these passive skills are available when a player reaches a higher level.