MIA Online Mobile Wiki

Sky ladder is a kind of PvP event that allows the player to compete with other players and climb-up to the top of the rankings.

By doing this event, you’ll get promising rewards and extra bonuses.


Activity Time: Available Everyday

Required Level: 25

The sky ladder is a 1v1 player vs player (PVP) battle event, which is a balanced matchup between players with the same combat power (CP), status, and attributes.

Sky Ladder tournament ranking is based on the points you accumulate from participating in this activity, getting higher ladder points gives you promising rewards and extra bonuses.

To see the ladder tournament tab, just tap the upper right corner of the event interface then tap on the sky ladder tournament to proceed.

  1. By default you will have 10 participations every day. If you used all of your turns, the number of sky ladder turns will be refreshed automatically every day at 00:00.
  2. In the sky ladder arena you will not be able to use HP regenerating/Heal skills.
  3. You will receive corresponding rewards according on your current rank.
  4. Top 32 players in the sky ladder will be eligible to participate in the hegemony every Wednesday and Sunday at 18:00

After you choose your opponent, the battle will start after the 10 second countdown.

Defeat the opponent to reach a higher ranking and gain rewards, experience and battlefield points. If you reach a designated ranking for the first time, you will get extra bonuses and gold coins.


There are certain rewards even if a player has been defeated on the sky ladder. The experience gain is still the same but the battlefield points will be reduced to half.


The battlefield points gained through the ladder challenge can be exchanged for items in the sky ladder shop.