MIA Online Mobile Wiki

MIA Online has a wide variety of exciting daily activities and one of them is the “Supply Cart”


You can unlock this event when your character reaches level 30. You can access this event on the event UI and you can complete this event twice per day.


Once a player receives a mission from the NPC, they will be transformed into a supply cart. You will receive a reward if you successfully transport the supply card to the designated NPC. There will be a 1.5x bonus during the Nation Events while the cart is on transit and there will be another NPC that can replace the quality of the supply cart.


Remember, while doing this event, other players are able to attack and rob your supply cart.

Since MIA Online is a PK-enabled game, there is a possibility that you will be attacked and get killed. In case that happens, you can get off from your supply cart so you can defend yourself and the cart. Getting killed will not decrease the amount of your rewards however the supply cart may be damaged. Only the final rewards will be reduced.


So every time you’re doing this event, always consider asking your friends to become your escort. Upon the completion of the mission you will receive various rewards such as EXP, Merits and level 1 jewel box.