MIA Online Mobile Wiki

Do you think that the God Ring that you possess is enough? Why don’t you try the [Trial Tower]! Climb as many floors as you can and get exciting rewards.


You can access the Trial Tower at the upper right side of the event UI.


You will be able to view the highest floor that you can climb in the right side of the UI as well as the required Combat Power and the current Combat power of your character. From here, you will know if you can finish a certain floor. Remember that you have to match the required combat power with your character’s combat power in order to survive the floor.


A Wave of monsters will start to attack you once you arrive in the trial Tower. Once the floor has been cleared. You will be automatically transported to the next floor.

There will be individual rewards per floor however you will get a treasure chest for every 5 floors you accomplish.


Remember that you can sweep the Trial Tower once per day so make sure that you progress at least 1 floor per day to increase your reward for every sweep.